Develop Organizations
through People!

 Our partner in South Africa: xpand 


Our vision as the xpand South Africa team is to contribute to the dignity and destiny of our country. It is our passion to support individuals, businesses, organizations and churches to develop and grow in their unique potential and success.

Since 29 years we have supported our customers to discover their future destination, to develop their skills, (leadership) competences, teamwork and organizations. There are currently 10 national xpand teams and over a 120 trainers, coaches, consultants and staff.

In June 2011 the three leading partners of xpand Nederland undertook an exploratory trip to South Africa. Three of the most fruitful meetings were held with Alan Platt (Doxa Deo), Graham Power (Power Group) and Pieter Fauree (Mertech Investment Group). They all became main cooperation partners in South Africa. During 2012 the first training courses were held in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Currently the South African team consists of 10 consultants and we work in 4 hubs to best serve our local customers: Pretoria/Johannesburg, Durban, Kimberly/Bloemfontein and Cape Town/Stellenbosch.